Profession Themed Cartoon Vector Pack (People)

This cartoon vector pack has a lot to offer as it’s way beyond your ordinary cartoon set. This is perfect for those who are in need of cute profession themed cartoons for their design project.

What you get from this profession themed vector pack would be multiple gestures for each of the cartoons mentioned. The list of all available professions are:

1. Astronaut
2. Scientist
3. Doctor
4. Musician
5. Engineer
6. Carpenter
7. Fisherman
8. Soldier
9. Painter

All are provided in various gestures and several poses like, holding a sign, happy, sad, etc. Each cartoon is separately being provided in AI and EPS Vector Format, PNG, and JPG.


One thought on “Profession Themed Cartoon Vector Pack (People)

  1. What do you interpret this cartoon to mean?

    And also, I would appreciate it if you would share any entertaining pro-Obama or anti-McCain political cartoons.

    Thank you. (:

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