Blackout (Flyer Template 4×6) (Flyers)

This flyer template was made in Adobe Photoshop CC but you can use lower versions or higher.

NOTE : The Girl photo are NOT included in the download. They are for demonstration purposes only, I have setup a placeholder image for you to replace. Everything in the PSD file is well grouped and organized. There are many layers to move around/change blend mode etc. to create unique looks.

flyer (4.25” x 6.25”) • CMYK • 300DPI (.25” bleeds) final size (4”x 6”)

The free fonts used in the design are:


Bebas Neue:

Shit Happens:

Photo of the Model:

I hope you like the design, You can see more of my work below Thanks!!


One thought on “Blackout (Flyer Template 4×6) (Flyers)

  1. im looking for a good photoshop program. I have seen where most people say its the adobe photoshop.

    with that all said I need help with that.

    there are several different kinds of adobe photoshop, which one would be the best.

    I am doing photography as a living and doing very well with that but I would like to be able to edit more than I have been.

    I love how people do the thing where most is black and white and the rest is color……
    any ideas?

    please help me out.
    when I search for adobe photoshop it brings up adobe photoshop cs4 cs3 and so on….
    Im confused.

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